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SYNOPSIS What will happen on December 21, 2012 AD? The apocalypse? The end of the world? A time of change? Transformation? The end of time? So much is written on the subject that there is now such a thing as the “2012 phenomenon”. But with so many books and theories, what is 2012 really about? What is at the core of the phenomenon, and what is simply not true? What do we need to know?

In 2012, Science or Fiction?, by Philip Coppens separates fact from fiction, before unveiling the core of the 2012 phenomenon and what 2012 is truly all about: a time of great change, which we need to embrace, so that a new world can be created. Using historical evidence from the Mayans themselves, the real 2012 mystery is finally revealed, and key questions are answered: What does the Mayan Calendar really say? What are the prophecies of the Hopi and other traditions? What is TimeWave Zero? ARTICLES & EXCERPTS