Find out 7 of the best Psychics on Psychic Source in this article is one of the most popular psychic services sites out there. It’s been around for a while now – a bit over twenty years. They have great psychics and offer good readings. I myself have used their services many times to get some clarity about my life issues when I can never seem to know what to do.

If you’ve read my review about them, you know that I do recommend this site to get psychic readings because they do deliver honest, intuitive and personalized readings that give you insights on what to come in the future.

Intensive Psychic Screening and Experience gives you confidence

Best Psychic Source AdvisorsOne of the things that I have liked the most about Psychic Source is their intensive screening process. They screen their psychics thoroughly before they can give out reading and thus ensuring that their company will keep it’s good reputation and provide the excellent service that they guarantee.

Aside from this, they post customer reviews be it good or bad. This makes them authentic. A bad review means that the psychics are real. I’ve had my personal encounters with many psychics before and even the most talented ones miss sometimes but posting this on their site gives you a clue that they are fakes and that they offer you authentic service and value for your money, because there are a lot more good reviews than the few bad ones.

So to help you out more in your search for great psychics, I tried to review their list and find who are the most gifted ones that can deliver the best readings for you.

Who are Psychic Source’s Top 7 Psychics?

Psychics come in different shapes and forms. Men and women can be psychics no matter how old they are. Gifts vary from person to person. Honestly there are so many talents that a psychic can have. But what makes a good psychic?

A great psychic is someone who can not just give you a reading and tell you what is to happen, he or she is a person who can relate to your life and tune into your soul. A good psychic is honest, caring and intuitive.

So I’ve done your homework for you, you’re welcome! I checked out the psychics, gave them a try, read their profiles and found the Top 7 Psychics on Psychic Source.   I didn’t include Kristine on this list since I wrote a review of my great reading with Kristine here.

Psychic Vincent x9248

Vincent seemed pretty special. He was born on Halloween night and he is truly gifted. His reading style is intuitive and empathetic. He specializes in questions relating to your career and love life. To top it off, he has a perfect five out of five rating out of all his 249 recent ratings.

I have run through his readings and people say that Vincent has helped them confirm what they already feel and that he leads them to the right path. He also has a very friendly and easy going to talk to.

In my own experience I liked Vincent because when I started talking to him, he seemed to have known me for like forever. He was cheerful and kind but not in the way that you know he’s just pulling your leg. He was authentic. He was able to answer my questions and give me insights about the future of my career as well as how my love life.

I would definitely recommend him. Personally I give him a five out of five. From the other customers who have readings with him, they also gave him a perfect score!


Psychic Anja x8147

Psychic Anja has been doing readings for 22 years! I like her because she has no judgments whatsoever when she does readings. You can ask any questions can ever think of. What I saw in her profile is that she is a third generation psychic which means she has come from a family of psychics. She is a clairvoyant and a medium. She also does love readings.

I like that she is a medium because this allows her to talk to people who have passed on. I had asked her about my grandmother and my cat who have passed away. And she told me that my cat is still here watching over me. And even if my question is about a cat she took it seriously and did not poke fun about it.

In her reviews, she scored a lot fives, she got a score of one though because of no connection which is no her fault! She is caring and empathetic. Anja possessed a wisdom that was surreal.

I would recommend her for those who have wanted to ask about their family members and friends who have passed on. I also recommend her for love readings.

Psychic Harper x9976

Harper is a clairvoyant, intuitive and an empath. She also is a talented love psychic. She mainly uses tarot cards to provide readings. She’s been doing readings for more than thirty years now.

What I like about Harper is her ability to fully connect with you. Aside from this her cards are an extension of her and they are able to read energies. The cards can pick up your vibrations and give you very accurate readings.

In my case, I prefer readers who do not use tools but Harper made me feel different about that. She was able to really channel her energy and my vibrations on the cards and get to answer my questions about love. She confirmed what I was feeling and lead me to the right direction. I was hurting and she told me to let go of the pain and live with love.

Her review show her talent and skill. People say she is very empathetic and is able to pick up how they feel at that very moment. Her intuition is superb and her previous clients see that in her.

Psychic Susannah x8228

Susanna emanated a wise energy around her. She was able to give me a reading that pushed me into the right direction. She is best in dealing with questions related to “What should I do” and “Should I” matters.

Her style of reading is looking into your life plan. A life plan is destiny’s way of saying what is to come or supposed to come for us. At times, we get hindrances from reading our full potential and achieving our life plan because of the things we do and Susannah is great with sorting this our.

I’ve had psychics tell me oh, “I can’t tell you that, you have to decided it for yourself”. But the main reason I get readings at times is that I am confused. So what Susannah does is look at the outcomes of each scenario and help you find which one will give you a better outcome.

I would highly recommend her because she gives wise and intuitive readings. She also has about thirty solid years of experience under her belt.

Psychic Angelica x9393

When I first saw Angelica’s picture on Psychic Source I got a great feeling about her. She seemed to have this positivity in her. What I liked most about her is she can read without any tools and this is something I really like or look for in readers.

I had been having some anxiety lately and she helped me clear my energy. I’ve known that my root chakra has been blocked for sometime now and she helped me in healing that. She also looked into my love situation. She told me about how is to come in my marriage and relationship with my husband. In about a week’s time, her reading came to pass!

I have always thought that it was not possible to do energy healing by phone but she was able to do it for me. I felt less anxious and I could feel my root chakra being unblocked.

Angelica also has great reviews on her page. I would recommend her to those who need Spiritual guidance, those who have nagging feelings at the back of their heads and know that an energy point is blocked.

Psychic Bonnie x7982

Bonnie was kind and understand and not judgmental. I liked her because in our reading, I started crying a bit but she never sounded irritated or made fun of me. She helped me tap into my energy sources and become more aware of what’s blocking my energy points because I have been feeling low and lost at the time we had the reading.

Same with Angelica, she told me that I need to cleanse my energy in order for me to get into the zone and be able to reach my full potential. She answered my questions about my life path and how I should go about with my career. She was compassionate about it since I’m no longer young but I’m still searching for the right path for me.

What i like about her is that aside from the psychic reading she gave me she helped find focus. On the other hand, her reading clarified my thoughts. She told me to take it easy and not pressure myself to much in my career. She said that I tend to overwork myself and try to solve everything around me which was true!

Her guidance has helped me resolve my doubts. She has done so for many others as well since her reviews speak volumes about her. She is highly rated and you’d have at times wait to be able to call her up.

Psychic Elijah x

Elijah had more than a thousand reviews! And he has scored a five out five.. so that’s a big wow. It made me very intrigued about him. He also does Reiki healing and crystal healing which I felt was unique and good.

I had decided to ask him about my family and my granny who passed on. I did not give him much information but he was able to describe her in detail and even mentioned that my grandmother smoked a lot, which was true!

In our reading he mentioned about my fears and my apprehensions and I did not even tell him about that so that was spot on. He was able to tell me what was troubling me as well. Aside from this he gave me a reading of what was to come. I felt relieved after the reading; much lighter and happier.

I would recommend him to those who feel lost, those who want to healing and those who want to find answers about their future. He has the wisdom you would need in order to make the right move in your life and find answers of what is to come. I highly recommend Elijah.

Take Aways about the Best Psychics on Psychic Source

Knowing a good reader is important in order for you to get the best psychic reading you can have. Psychic readings should be honest and empowering. Don’t get readings just because you want to hear this and that. Some readers might “break your ear” with honesty, but that is a sign that they are not after your money.

For questions about love, finances, family and the future, it is best to hear the truth, even if it’s going to hurt you.  A good psychic will also provide counselling and guidance for the best path for your future.

My Best Psychic Source Readers:

  • Kristine
  • Therese
  • Elijah
  • Bonnie
  • Angelica
  • Susannah
  • Harper
  • Anja
  • Vincent


Preparing for a Reading

Before starting your reading, it is best to be prepared. Don’t dilly dally and know the questions you want to ask. Best write them down. You can even record what the psychic is saying, but be sure to listen intently.

Have an open mind, psychics have different styles of readings so you need to be open about this. Choose the reading style you resonate with, because at times, even if the psychic is spot on, but you don’t resonate with them you may feel that this reading is incorrect. Only to find out late that it was all good once the thing he or she predicted happens.

What Makes a Good Psychic on

I like the readers on the list above, but for sure there are many talented and good readers on Psychic Source.  Here’s a quick guide to finding a great psychic:

  • A good psychic is someone who does not need to much information about you but can read your energy. He or she does not waste your time by saying fluff but provides you with answers to your questions.
  • A talented psychic knows your energy, soul and spirit and uses this knowledge to find answers to your questions.
  • A good psychic is able to provide you a reading with no judgment and allows you empowered after the reading.

Want to know more about how Psychic Source works? Read my full review

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