10 Signs You Are a Psychic

10 Signs You Are a PsychicWhat is a psychic? A psychic is person who can be a bridge for others to see the future. Psychics are people gifted with the ability to see and read the fabric of time. They see visions, hear sounds and sense things more intuitively than non psychics. They often feel the calling to help others and use their gifts to enlighten and guide those who are weary and confused.

But before you fully become a psychic, you must go through a psychic awakening. You may already feel that you are a psychic as child and grow up to be one. On the other hand, others experience their awakening through life changing events such a trauma, giving birth or others through meditation.

Signs You Are a Psychic

When you are a psychic, your level of awareness is higher than those of others. You are a sensitive person and you feel in tune with space, time and nature. You see things that others don’t. You get visions from time to time. Your dreams become real.

As a psychic you feel the pull of the universe around you. There are times that your gifts can even overwhelm you. Crowds make you feel suffocated with an intense feeling of too much emotions surrounding you. There are also those who can see aura people.

1. You Have Very Vivid Dreams

When I was a child I had dreams that were so vivid that they felt so real. A few days or months later the same exact details would appear in a real life event. This was one of the first tell tale signs that I realized that I had a special gift.

Psychics often have vivid dreams because during sleeping time, people are able to freely allow their consciousness to communicate with the universe without hindering factors such as stress. During sleep, our brains fire rapid messages and is able to rest and relax. A relaxed state of mind is a good way receive signs from space and time.

2. You Have Visions

Being a psychic allows you to see visions. Visions either come suddenly while engaged in a mundane activity or through focus and meditation. You may see flashes of things to come, like a fragment of time being shown to you. If you are a psychic, you will often feel and see things that will happen or may have happened already. Sometimes they equate to deja vu. For a psychic, deja vu is valid experience that allows you to be in certain place way before something happens.

Visions come in different forms. Some psychics can easily visualize things to happen with certain amount of concentration. As a new psychic, you may be unable to control when you see these sighting, but over time and practice, you can allow your mind to see them.

3. You Can Connect to People Via Psychometry

Some psychics or most have a special ability called psychometry. Psychometry is the ability to sense, see or understand a person’s, animal’s or an object’s past, present or future by just a mere touch. Psychics may experience flashes of vision as they touch the person. They also suddenly know what happened to a person just by brushing against him or her. Claircognizant moments may occur when you come into contact with another person.

4. You Have a Strong Sense of Intuition

As a psychic, you always felt a strong gut feeling. You feel weird when something bad is about to happen. Sometimes you may misconstrue this as paranoia but in truth, you can sense when danger is about to happen. You especially feel a close sense of intuition to your loved ones. You can feel if they are in trouble or if something good is about to happen to them.

You can sense things to come and you have a feeling that you just know what is to happen. This is a clear sign of claircognizance. Normally, you heed the warning signs that are given to you because you know that something bad is about to happen.

6. You Can Sense The Thoughts and Emotions of Others

Signs You Are a PsychicBeing a psychic allows you to see and feel the emotions of others. You can get overwhelmed in big crowds because you can sense the emotions of people around you. You tend to be reciprocative and reflect back the emotions and thoughts of the people surrounding you back to them. For example you are normally quiet and peaceful person but suddenly feel anger, it may be because someone around you feels the same way.

Through focus and meditation, you can take control of the emotions that go into your spirit. You need to learn how to dispel negativity and invite good vibes only.

7. You Can Communicate with The Dead, Animals and Spirits

Psychics have a special gift of communicating with other beings aside from humans. They can communicate with the departed through their dreams or sometimes even even just plainly talking to them much like talking to a friend on the phone. They are also soft-hearted to animals. They can sense what the animals are trying to tell them. They can understand a bark, a meow and chirp. They even know the pain and misery of animals.

Psychics feel drawn to animals because animals are pure spirits. They feel pain for animals who are homeless. On the other hand they often feel or receive messages from spirits. Plants, fairies or even nature can send them messages. They can also sense Spirit Guides. As a child, psychics are often seen playing with an imaginary friend. This is often the Spirit Guide of that Psychic.

8. They Have Heightened Senses

Psychics normally have a higher sensitivity than others. They often feel a strong pull from one or more of their senses. They may have a heightened sense of sight, sound, smell, taste or touch. Of course there is the sixth sense we refer to as intuition. Psychics can feel and sense things different than other people do. They normally have a very strong sense of hearing. They know what people around them are talking about. They can taste food and recall a memory of a past life of the person who have made it or their own.

For psychics, having strong senses allows them to understand key messages being given by the universe. They can perceive things easily. They experience life in a full spectrum through these heightened senses.

9. You Are a Healer

Oftentimes, psychics are given the mission to help others. In this mission, you can be tasked not only convey the messages of fate and the universe, but also to heal others. You can heal others in many ways. You can heal others by teaching yoga, being a doctor, a teacher or just someone people normally count on in times of distress.

Healers are normally people who are outsiders. They feel that they don’t belong to the village much like a shaman is. Healers feel the pain of others and suffer from the distress of those around them. When you are a psychic, you may also feel the need to cure people from both physical and psychological pain.

10. You Can Hear Things and Be in Different Places.

Some psychics suffer great fear or distress because they can hear their intuition much like hearing someone speak to them. They can sense Spirit Guides talking to them. They can even hear people who are totally far away from them. Psychics also have the ability to be physically present in one place and be in another spiritually. They can be different places all at once.

Most psychics can even allow their consciousness to move back and forth in time. This allows them to listen to conversations of people in the past, present and future. Out of body experiences is also another manifestation of being a psychic.

How to Manage Your Gift

Being a psychic can be daunting. You must learn how to hone, sharpen and even control your gifts. If you are unable to manage it well, you feel emotional and even physical stress. Meditation and mindfulness can help you turn your gift on and off. Breathing exercises such as in Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, meditation and even swimming can help you control your anxiety.

There are times that you will feel overwhelmed. Acknowledging your thoughts and emotions and separating them from the feeling of others can be tricky but is important. You need to learn how to hone your skills as well by practicing divination such using Tarot cards, Runes, Palmistry or other means you feel comfortable in. Remember that any talent needs practice in order for it to grow.